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Welcome to Bouthilliers Construction Inc

Bouthilliers Construction Inc

Welcome to Bouthilliers Construction Inc

Bouthillier's Construction Inc. is a Multifaceted full-service construction company. A DBE woman-owned firm since 2011. Prior to that, however, "Bouthillier's Construction" had been in operation with 20 plus years of construction experience. In 2011, the company reconfigured, incorporated, and became what it is today. We have constructed multiple Soldier Pile Walls, CIDH Piers , along with tie back drilling and installation. We are well-versed in several aspects of heavy construction.

Bouthilliers Construction Inc


  • Building Retaining Walls
  • Soldier Pile Retaining Walls
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Gravity Style Walls
  • CIDH Piers
  • Tie Back Installation
  • Grading
  • Hydro Seed And Erosion Control
  • Paving
  • Underground
  • An excavating Contractor

Bouthillier's Construction Inc. provides several effective possibilities to help you meet your DBE goal. 

It can be tough to find the services that will meet the demanding criteria or specifics of your project. We are certain that we can provide substantial services along with the benefit of helping you  meet your goals.

  • Trucking & Hauling: Low Bed, Transfer, End Dump, Dump Truck, 3,200 Gal. Water Truck
  • Grading: Cat 140G Grader, Cat D3C Dozer
  • Excavating, Building Pads, Underground, Clearing & Grubbing: Cat 299 Skid Steer, 308DCRSB Excavator, Cat 325DL Excavator, Cat 430F Backhoe, Cat 563D Compactor.
  • Drilling: Cat 320L Lo Drill 30-50, TEI Rock Drill
  • Cat 299D Skid Steer
  • Cat 308DCRSB Excavator
  • Cat 320L Lo Drill 30-50
  • Cat 325DL Excavator
  • Cat 430F Backhoe
  • Cat D3C Dozer
  • Cat 140G Grader
  • Cat 563D Compactor
  • Cat 950K FC Loader
  • T170 HydroSeeder
  • T330 Titan Hydroseeders
  • Dump Truck, 3 Axle
  • Water Truck, 3 Axle 3,200 gal.
  • End Dump, 5 Axle
  • Truck Transfer
  • Low Bed

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